QuestAR - Magic The Gathering Simulator

The first augmented reality simulator for Magic: The Gathering. The app simulates real-life gameplay, enhancing strategy development and playtesting efficiency.

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The most natural feeling simulator.

Unlike other 2D simulators, QuestAR projects your cards onto any flat surface. You can practice your deck ideas and simulate multiple decks.

Ipad and Iphone

Test your decks on your mobile device on small and large screens.

Featured Decks

Check out the homepage for decks we love and want to share with you.


We have preloaded all the precons so you can simulate them right away.

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App Description:

QuestAR is the first augmented reality simulator for Magic The Gathering. The app simulates real-life gameplay, enhancing strategy development and playtesting efficiency. It will make the cards look like they are right in front of you. Load any deck from Moxfield and test it in augmented reality.

Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to us at

Can I have my deck featured?
Sure. Send us an email with the link to your deck and we will consider it for the homepage.
Can I request a feature?
Yes!. Please reach out to us via email and we will review and let you know if we can get that into the next app release schedule.
Do I have to pay for QuestAR?
No! This is a free app supported only by rewarded ads.
How do I add a deck?
Go to the “Decks” tab. Copy and paste the link from a Moxfield or Achridekt deck into the search field. After the search you should see your deck in the decks list.
My deck is not working.
Reach out to use via email with the link to your deck. We will see investigate the issue.
Can I refresh a deck?
Yes. Click on the refresh icon in the image for the deck. Please note that when you refresh a deck it will also reset the deck in the simulator to avoid any issues from deck list changes.
Can I reset a deck?
Yes. In the simulator, click on the manager link. Find the deck you want to reset and click the reset button.
How many decks can I manage in the simulator?
It depends on your device memory but to avoid issues try to keep it under 25.
Can I switch decks in the simulator?
Yes. Click on the manger link at the top right and choose a deck to make active.
Can I flip cards that are two sided?
Currently cards will only flip in the ui preview when you click on the card. We are working to be able to flip cards in the AR simulator.
CHow can I help?
Please review us on the app store. It really helps the app and we get to know how we can improve the experience.

Simulate Your Cards Today.

Download QuestAR and experience the most natural feeling deck simulator. See the cards as if they were on the table in front of you.